The last 100 years (and then some. . .)

Our predecessors have been busy and have paved the way for the current membership and it’s OUR duty to continue that tradition and ensure that future generations have access to the love and support that we are lucky enough to enjoy.

You’ll probably be interested in researching the background to Freemasonry in general and hopefully the Grecian Lodge in particular so we put together some materials which will hopefully inspire your researches.

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Our story begins in 1802 when a number of notable Brethren gathered together and made application for the formation of a new Lodge under the constitution of the United Grand Lodge of England which they decided between them should be named the “Eastern Star Lodge”. This was the start of our heritage and more can be found in our Lodge History.

Lodge Family Tree

Daughter of The Lodge of St. John #1036, the Grecian Lodge was Consecrated on 21st March 1914 and went on to Spawn The John Evelyn Lodge #5518 and the Northumberland Park Lodge #8916 who in turn formed the Herts. Scots Guard Lodge #9527. The whole story can be found in our Lodge family Tree.